Enhanced Thermal conductivity of Polyethylene Production of carbon nanotubes using a novel vertical reactor, to enhance thermal conductivity of polyethylene. The heat transfer mechanism was restricted to the electrically conductive path of carbon nanotubes.


The continuously improving technification, safe production and use of nanometarials in stone sector, rises the need for identification of main risk situations, the founding of guidelines for prevention measures and the training of professionals in stone sector through suitable courses.


Novel capacitive deionization cell fabrication The aim of this project is the design and fabrication of a novel CDI cell working with renewable energy. Through extensive simulations in 2D and 3D alongside with experimental work, the optimization of the process is studied in order to upscale the cell.


Integrated online cloud platform of high performance materials The goal of Materialize project is the development of an online easy platform, which will enable digital synthesis and standardization of innovative materials and products. Aiming the simplification of the complex process of design new materials and products through a smart, user friendly user interface (GUI) where […]