NanOER seminar

January 5, 2024

On December 18th, the Chemical Engineering School of the National Technical University of Athens hosted the inaugural international seminar, NanOER. The seminar drew attendance from a diverse array of industry professionals, academic professors, and students alike. Within this esteemed gathering, we seized the opportunity to present the pivotal findings and outcomes of our project, delving into the consequential discoveries and insights garnered throughout our project’s trajectory.

The NanOER project serves as a critical resource for manufacturers of nanoproducts, professionals in the construction sector, and environmental managers. It equips them with the essential knowledge required to comprehend the environmental and health impacts stemming from the manufacturing, application, and disposal processes of the most commonly utilized nano-products within the construction sector. Through the dissemination of such knowledge, NanOER aims to foster informed decision-making and sustainable practices within these industries.

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